Today's top Irish news stories: 

Sarah Jessica Parker opens her heart to grieving Irish family

Kind-hearted Sarah Jessica Parker, star of “Sex and the City” has stepped in to help the distraught family of Yonkers girl Kalie Gill, an Irish native, who was tragically killed in a car accident outside a church carnival on October 11...READ MORE


'Danny Boy' turns 100 and the experts explain its popularity (VIDEO)

One of Ireland's greatest songs, 'Danny Boy,' just turned 100. A recent BBC4 television documentary, 'Danny Boy: The Ballad That Bewitched The World,' explored this great, timeless anthem...READ MORE


Obama relative gets personal special deal on immigration in Boston court

Read this below and weep.

When it comes to President Obama’s half uncle, Onyango “Omar” Obama, breaking the law and fleeing a deportation order seems to be no problem. He gets a waiver and stays legally in the United States...READ MORE


Top Irish Christmas traditions that make the season (PHOTOS)

Christmas really brings out the best in Ireland and the Irish from cheerful festivities to wild acts of machismo, happy reunions, musical celebrations in Church and partying for week. In Ireland Christmas lasts for about two weeks and is gladly celebrated as a respite from the winter...READ MORE


Irish leader Enda Kenny meets VP Joe Biden, Caroline Kennedy in Japan

Quick-thinking Irish Prime Minister  Enda Kenny seized the opportunity to set up an unscheduled meeting with Joe Biden during his trade mission to Japan yesterday - when he spotted the US Vice President was staying in the same Tokyo hotel...READ MORE