Today's top Irish news stories:

Irish outrage over NY Times pigeon-eating and desperate economic times article

The New York Times has been hit with a barrage of criticism following the publication of an  article on the Irish economy on Thursday that casts doubts on the recovery and claimed some Irish were eating pigeons to survive...READ MORE


Engaged couple fired by Catholic school for falling pregnant outside wedlock

An unmarried Irish American couple in Lawrence, MA claim they were fired from their positions as teachers by their Roman Catholic school upon revealing they were expecting their first baby...READ MORE


Megyn Kelly says Santa and Jesus are white, get used to it (VIDEO)

On her show 'The Kelly File' on Wednesday, Megyn Kelly raised eyebrows responding to a Slate article written by a black journalist named Aisha Harris who suggested (playfully and seriously) that the time was ripe to retire the fat, white bearded old Santa Claus we all know with a more 'friendly, secular' inclusive alternative. How about a jolly penguin?..READ MORE


From Ireland to Chicago, six-year-old at center of custody battle should be returned to US

A federal court has ruled that six-year-old Jack Redmond should be returned to Chicago to live with his mother...READ MORE


Irishman planning Christmas trip home dies in Boston construction accident

An Irish father-of-two was killed in a construction accident in Boston on Dec 5. The 37-year-old native of Limerick, named as Paul Devine, was injured at a work site in Downtown Crossing...READ MORE


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