Today's top Irish news stories:

U.S. firm seeks $167 million from Irish taxi man over botched oil deal

A Dublin taxi driver is being sued for $162m (€115m) by a U.S. based company over alleged unpaid fees relating to an oil distribution deal. Ed O’Neill and his wife Sandra are being sued over an alleged failure to honor an agreement to share a $300m (€213m) consulting fee dating back to 2008, the Irish Independent reports…READ MORE


Why The Gathering may be Ireland’s greatest tourist success

Niall O’Dowd: The genius of The Gathering, it may turn out, is not that Americans and others came, but that self-pride in the home place mushroomed in Ireland….READ MORE


Barack Obama has made little progress for the lives of struggling blacks Americas (VIDEO)

Obama has tiptoed around the image of him as the first African American president, clearly believing that raising the racial issue makes for more animosity for him from opponents…READ MORE


Sex survey shows that despite 'Catholic guilt' the Irish get frisky on vacation

A new survey shows that Irish people really let themselves go when they’re on vacation. ..READ MORE


New Boston Magazine photos show SWAT team tackle Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Newly released photographs show the moment SWAT officers seized Boston Bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev…READ MORE


Irish steakhouse owner faces jail after failing to pay staff over $100,000Stock