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Irish teen hospitalized after Slane sex act pictures go viral (VIDEO)

A schoolgirl has been hospitalized after photos of her performing a sexual act on a man at a concert went viral online. Dubbed ‘Slane girl’ online, the 17-year-old is distraught after thousands of internet users shared images of her taken in broad daylight at the Slane concert last weekend…READ MORE


Grieving grandmother jailed six weeks after sister’s tragic death

A Dublin grandmother has been jailed six weeks after her sister tragically died. Catherine Teeling, 64, has been jailed for non-payment of €4,000 worth of fines dating back years…READ MORE


Pope Benedict believes God told him to retire in a 'mystical experience'

In February 2013 Pope Benedict became the first Pontiff in 600 years to retire from his position. His explanation is “God told me to."..READ MORE


Students of ancient Irish genealogy identify ancestors pre-Christian gods

Fourteen adult students in Molloy College's Irish Studies Institute have just completed a research seminar in Ancient Irish Genealogy during which they identified their ancient finte (extended families), clanna (‘clans’), tuatha (‘peoples’), ancestor-heroes, origin legends, history of their ancestral kinships, and rights and privileges under Brehon law.  In some cases, these researchers were also able to identify their ancestors’ pre-Christian ancestor-gods…READ MORE


Lots of English looking for Irish for love says top Irish matchmaker

Ireland’s last traditional matchmaker has proved he still has his magic touch after conjuring up almost 300 successful introductions in the past year. Many were English people seeking Irish lovers…READ MORE


Crowds at the Eminem concert, at Slane. Facebook and Instagram has reportedly been deleting accounts of those who posted the photosGoogle Images