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Miracle priest at Missouri crash site Kilkenny-born Fr Patrick Dowling (VIDEO)

The “miracle priest” who anointed a teenage Missouri woman trapped in her car has been identified as Irish cleric Fr. Patrick Dowling of the Diocese of Jefferson City. Father Dowling is a native of Kilkenny...READ MORE


Peruvian police video shows Irish girl being arrested on cocaine charges

The Belfast model accused of trafficking cocaine in Peru will plead her innocence in court on Wednesday after authorities released video footage of her arrest at Lima Airport...READ MORE


Body of Irish J-1 student drowned in Delaware river found

The body of an Irish J-1 student who drowned while rafting on the Delaware River along the New York-Pennsylvania border last weekend has been found...READ MORE


Boston bomber’s wife turned to Islam due to scandals in Catholic Church

A search for a religion with 'more morals' than the Catholicism she was raised in led Katherine Russell, 24, the widow of Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, to convert to Islam, her husband's former friend has revealed...READ MORE


Perseids meteor shower lights up the Irish skyline (VIDEO)

Irish stargazers were treated to a summer spectacular on Monday night as the Perseids meteor shower lit up the skies...READ MORE


Father Patrick Dowling has come forward as the priest described as an "angel" who was on hand at a car crash in Missouri.Catholic News Agency