Top Irish news stories today:

2,000 Irish children were illegally adopted in US from Magdalene Laundries

Up to 2,000 children were illegally exported from Magdalene laundries in Ireland to adoptive parents in the U.S., mainly to wealthy families...READ MORE


Russian mafia demanded $11.6 million ransom for kidnapped developer they branded a “thief”

The Irish tycoon who turned up disorientated and disheveled on a remote country road is claiming he was held by a Russian mafia gang...READ MORE


Donegal priest quits due to verbal and physical abuse by parishioners

A Donegal priest has quit his parish after what he referred to as “bullying” in the form of verbal and physical abuse from his parishioners...READ MORE


Leading Catholic writer slams different Papal treatment of American and Irish cardinals

A leading Catholic lawyer and commentator has slammed the Pope for publicly shaming Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony over clerical child abuse whilst treating Irish Cardinal Sean Brady in an entirely different matter...READ MORE


Brain drain continues as Irish snap up 6,350 Canadian work visas over four days

Canadian working visas were snapped up in record time by thousands of hopeful Irish immigrants last week...READ MORE


Girls put to work in a Magdalene Laundry in Ireland