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Sister of Daniel Barden pens heart-rending letter to President Obama on gun control

One of the 20 children murdered during the Newtown massacre was the grandchild of Irish immigrants from County Leitrim and County Down…READ MORE.

Irish American cannibal attacks mother in bath and eats her thumb

21-year-old Kirstie Foley is currently a wanted fugitive after having bit a piece of her mother’s thumb off, causing her mother to almost lose her entire hand…READ MORE


Top ten Irish Christmas traditions - old fashioned and modern Ireland combined

Ireland’s Hidden Gems: Christmas in Ireland embodies these top ten traditions and less we get too twee (I have included the then and now versions)....READ MORE



Irish Minister for State Shane McEntee dies suddenly government confirms

The government has confirmed that Ireland’s Minister for State Shane McEntee has died suddenly. The County Meath East representative at the Department of Agriculture, with the responsibility for food, horticulture and food safety, died just two days after his 56th birthday…READ MORE


The historic importance of the lunar eclipse and winter solstice at Newgrange

On the morning of December 21st 2010 County Meath’s Newgrange became a site of historic importance in celestial terms when a lunar eclipse and the winter equinox coincided. Not since the Tudor’s times, 450 years ago, has such an event occurred…READ MORE


Seven-year-old Daniel Barden, one of the 20 children killed during the Newtown massacre at Sandy Hook elementary