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British fascist leader Nick Griffin defends inflammatory anti-Irish tweet

During a brief visit to Belfast on Saturday, BNP leader Nick Griffin angered many by posting a highly inflammatory tweet…Read More.


Clint Eastwood wants Ireland to go ahead and make his day

Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood wants to make a movie in Ireland and pay homage to his Irish roots…Read More.

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Fox News & the Irish Americans behind it, are an inconvenient truth to the liberal dominated media

Since television was first introduced to the US, it was immediately seized upon and dominated by three networks, ABC, CBS and NBC…Read More.

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Top ten strange and weird Irish curses-when you really want to hex your enemy

As many Americans may have figured out, the Irish accent can sometimes be a difficult one to comprehend.  Abbreviating (and bludgeoning) words coupled with an almost superhumanly rapid rate of speech has left a lot of heads spinning over the years…Read More.

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Rory McIlroy’s mistake as Europe steal Ryder Cup after tee-time error

Rory McIlroy was brought to Medinah in a police car – as Europe stole the Ryder Cup from under American noses!..Read More.



BNP leader Nick Griffin