Here's our top read stories in Irish news today:

Irish heroine who saved Aurora Batman shooting victims drowns in Denver

Jennifer Gallagher-Pinson, 46, the Denver based Irish woman who cared for the Aurora Batman shooting victims in the aftermath of the horrific attack has drowned...READ MORE


Horror as Galway man watches his wife fall 150-feet to her death while parasailing in Florida – VIDEO

A Galway man watched his wife fall 150 feet to her death as she slipped out of their tandem parasailing harness over the Florida coast...READ MORE


One Direction's Harry Styles says the best way to get women interested is to playing hard to get

Top story in entertainment news

One Direction's Harry Styles has revealed the best way for girls to get him interested in dating them is by playing hard to get...READ MORE


People and Politics: Does Mitt Romney really believe that Jesus visited Missouri? -- Questions on his Mormon beliefs sure to arise as campaign continues

Top read story in news blogs

Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith teaches that Jesus visited Missouri between his death and resurrection and that the Garden of Eden is located there...READ MORE


Jewish sex offender sues Irish prison for denying him kosher food

Top read story in news from Ireland

A jailed sex offender in Ireland has brought a High Court challenge against prison authorities to compel them to meet his kosher dietary needs...READ MORE

Nurse Jennifer Gallagher pictured with her son, Jack