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Periscope: Gold medalist Katie Taylor is the hero that Ireland desperately needed

Top read story in news blogs

The Irish have suffered a few dreadful years, turning from Europe’s poster children, to goats...READ MORE


Boston Irishman in Ireland: Why Mitt Romney should not be elected as the 45th President of the United States

The 2012 presidential election is vitally important to the future of the United States. As such, and for a change, I’m removing my dispassionate political analyst’s hat...READ MORE


Locals say face of Jesus Christ appeared on tree in Belfast - VIDEO

Top read story in news from Ireland

An image some say resembles the face of Jesus Christ has appeared on the stump of a tree felled in a Belfast cemetery...READ MORE


Robert F Kennedy tells of final phone call with wife before suicide

A day before she hanged herself, Mary Richardson Kennedy called Robert F Kennedy Jr to say that 'everything was her fault.'...READ MORE


US promoters line up to sign Irish Olympic hero Katie Taylor

Top read story from Irish sport

Katie Taylor has vowed to fight on – and a top American promoter has urged her to turn professional and move to the States...READ MORE