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Thousands show up to show support for bankrupt billionaire Sean Quinn

Top read story in news from Ireland

Irish sporting legend Mickey Harte led a massive rally in support of beleaguered and bankrupt billionaire Sean Quinn on Sunday night...READ MORE


Robert Pattinson confirmed for new film “The Rover”

Top read story in entertainment news

‘Twilight’ actor Robert Pattinson has been confirmed for the lead role in the upcoming modern western ‘The Rover.’...READ MORE


People and Politics: Dick Cheney has some nerve attacking Sarah Palin as not qualified for VP

Top read story in news blogs

Dick Cheney really has some nerve stating that Sarah Palin was not qualified to be Vice President of the United States...READ MORE


Galway Races festival is Ireland’s mardi gras

Galway races start today, the greatest midsummer festival on the Irish calendar, a week long lollapalozza of fun, music, drinking, carry on and craic, a Mardi grass of Irish madness...READ MORE


Long Island Irish woman delivers twins on different highways - VIDEO

A Long Island Irish American woman gave birth to her twin sons on two different highways this weekend...READ MORE

Sean Quinn gets emotional as over 4,000 turn out in Cavan to show their support earlier this year