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Periscope: Mitt Romney aides criticize Obama for not singing British imperialist song

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Are these Romney folks for real? Some anonymous advisors claimed their man a true blue Brit proud of his “Anglo Saxon heritage” in an interview with the London Daily Telegraph...READ MORE


11-year-old flies to Rome from Manchester alone, without passport or boarding pass

11-year-old English boy Liam Corcoran is making international news after he managed to get through security at Manchester Airport and board a flight to Rome, Italy, all while unaccompanied and not carrying any form of identification or boarding pass...READ MORE


Sidewalks: The problem with Irish American racism

His name was Kelley and he was from the Bronx.  But the Irish kids still did not like him. The current issue of Harper’s magazine features a memoir written by novelist William Melvin Kelley...READ MORE


‘More than 1 billion barrels worth of oil’ discovered off coast of Cork

Providence Resources, an Irish oil exploration company, has confirmed that they have discovered between 1 billion and 1.6 billion barrels of oil off the coast of Ireland following months of exploration at the Barryroe well site...READ MORE


Traces of sleeping pill Ambien found in Kerry Kennedy’s blood after crash

The Kennedy clan is at its lowest point ever according to Caroline – after tests showed Kerry Kennedy was on the sleeping pill Ambien when she was involved in a hit and run crash last week...READ MORE