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Ireland Calling: How Irish gun laws would have prevented the Aurora massacre

Top read story in Irish roots blogs

One  aspect of American culture that is incomprehensible to people in Ireland (and probably the rest of the civilized world) is the attitude to guns and gun control...READ MORE


Periscope: Vicki Kennedy and the Kennedys ‘brat boys'’ attack on her - Ted’s widow brave in her efforts to keep the Kennedy sons in line

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The news of a Kennedy family feud involving Vicki Kennedy, widow of Ted, and her two stepsons Patrick and Ted Junior, is hardly surprising...READ MORE


'The Hangover' Irish style as fiancée complaints leads to bachelor party antics going viral

An Irish woman inadvertently discovered the truth about her future husband’s night of debauchery, after she took to Facebook to complain about the hotel service he received during his bachelor party...READ MORE


Monsignor William Lynn sentenced to jail term for harboring child sex abuse priests

US Catholic clergyman Monsignor William Lynn has been sentenced to three to six years in jail for covering up child sex abuse by priests in Philadelphia...READ MORE


USA womens soccer team to face France in opening Olympic game

Top read story in Irish sport

One of the most celebrated, most successful women's soccer teams on the planet begin their Olympic campaign on Wednesday night against France...READ MORE