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Calls for Daley Thompson to face racism charges over anti-Irish jibe

Olympic legend Daley Thompson could face charges over an anti-Irish comment labelled as racist – and later described as a ‘joke’ by the BBC...READ MORE


Periscope: Olympic hero Daley Thompson’s anti-Irish slur a reminder of the bad times

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Black British superstar should really have known better given his race. Back in the 1970s and 1980s, anti Irish sentiment in Britain ran high, linked to the IRA campaign in Britain...READ MORE


‘Irish Car Bomb’ pie sells out at popular New York food market

Alice Cronin of Cutie Pies NYC had a surprise hit on her hands when she baked 20 ‘Irish Car Bomb’ pies, based on the alcoholic drink of the same name, to sell at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg food market on Saturday...READ MORE


Bill O’Reilly suggests parents at fault in Aurora massacre - VIDEO

Fox pundit Bill O’Reilly has blamed the death of the youngest victim of the Aurora shooting on the cost of babysitters...READ MORE


From the right: Poland unveiled a statue of Ronald Reagan, while Ireland contemplated a statue of Che Guevara

Several months ago, Lech Walesa, hero and leader of Poland's freedom movement, unveiled a statue in downtown Warsaw honoring President Ronald Reagan...READ MORE