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Vindication for Irish family as NYU Hospital admits errors in treatment of Rory Staunton

In an unprecedented statement, New York University Hospital has announced that it will dramatically change its emergency room procedures after admitting that 12-year-old Rory Staunton was a victim of poor treatment...READ MORE


IMF orders Irish government to slash dole payments and make cuts to social welfare system

The International Monetary Fund has ordered the Irish government to slash dole payments, cut child benefit, and take the automatic right to a medical card away from old age pensioners...READ MORE



Irish revolutionary leader Michael Collins reincarnated for J-1 in NYC

Have you been wondering what Michael Collins is up to lately? Well, a new Facebook page allows you to follow Collins and his adventures through the States while he’s visiting, along with many other Irish, on his J-1 visa...READ MORE


Irish community in Liverpool targeted by British fascist group

A rally against racism in Liverpool organized by the Irish community has been branded an “IRA March” by a British splinter group...READ MORE


Bruce Springsteen jokes about London curfew at Dublin concert

Today's top story in Irish entertainment

After his mic was switched off early at London’s Hyde Park due to a noise curfew, Bruce Springsteen took the time to make several jabs about the incident at his following Dublin concert...READ MORE

Rory Staunton’s death, by sepsis, will save up to 8,000 lives a year. New hospital procedures introduced in the state of New York.