Teenage sweethearts marry after 64 years apart

When John O’Neill and Jean Day rekindled their love 64 years after they met in their teens, their children advised them to live together and skip marriage, but they wouldn’t because of their grandchildren... READ MORE

 Calls to dismiss George Zimmerman’s charges in Trayvon Martin case – VIDEO

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Robin Gibb's last words saw him pay a touching tribute to his late twin brother Maurice

The Bee Gees singer lost his long battle with colon and liver cancer on Sunday night  and paid tribute to Maurice, who died in 2003 after complications during an operation on a twisted intestine, on his deathbed...READ MORE.

 Casey Anthony back in court over Caylee’s nanny’s defamation charges

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Abortion, sex guides and pornography - what literature gets banned in modern Ireland

Although Ireland has moved on in leaps and bounds from a time when the movie “Clockwork Orange” was banned, or even Monty Python’s “Life of Brian,” the legacy of decades of censorship remains. It seems what still gets under Ireland’s censor’s collar is sex, crime and abortion...READ MORE

John and Jean O'Neill on their honeymoon in Ballyshannon Photo Thomas Gallagher 2205TG74