A menu from the first lunch meal served on the doomed Titanic has sold for a record breaking price.

The food menu lists the meal served to officers and crew on the first day of sea trials on April 2nd, 1912 before they were joined by passengers.

The dishes on offer included traditional favorites of the time like consommé mirrette (chicken broth), spring lamb, salmon, golden plover (a type of American bird) on toast, and peaches imperial.

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After the menu fetched  £100,000 ($139,554) - auctioneers at Henry Aldridge and Son have said that the menu is now the most valuable ever sold.

It previously belonged to Second Officer Charles Lightoller, the highest ranking surviving officer from the Titanic, who gave it to his wife as he left Southampton on April 10, 1912.

Auctioneer Andrew Aldridge told ITV: "This menu is one of the most important examples of its type in existence today, simply superb a true blue chip item.

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"It is from most famous ship in the world, the first meal served on it and owned by its most senior surviving officer.

"It also has cross-collectable appeal. It will attract high-end Titanic collectors, those interested in food and fine dining and people who just like iconic objects."

The item was bought by a British collector at the auction in Devizes, Wiltshire.