Talented Irish soccer player Tega Agberhiere is still in the hospital recovering

Three Irish teenagers are recovering following a shocking acid attack in Co Waterford last week.

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16-year-old soccer star Tega Agberhiere was among a group of youths who were attacked with what gardai (Irish police) believe to have been a corrosive drain cleaner on April 25 in Co Waterford.

In a statement, local gardai said: “It’s understood a corrosive substance was used in the incident. Three of the youths required medical attention for burns and were taken to University Hospital Waterford Hospital for treatment.”

“On April 27, 2019, four youths, all male and aged in their late teens, were arrested by investigating Gardai.”

“They were detained for questioning under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act, 1984 at Waterford Garda Station and later released without charge. A file will be prepared for the Director for Public Prosecutions.”

“Gardai are appealing for witnesses and are particularly appealing to anyone who was in the Earlscourt area of Waterford at the time of the incident to come forward.”

On Tuesday, Tega’s mother spoke with WLR FM about the terrifying incident:

Tuesday's Déise Today

On Tuesday's Déise Today, we chat to Christie, the mother of Tega Agberhiere, who was one of the victims of last week's horrific acid attack. Listen here from 10am ↪️ wlrfm.com/player/

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On Twitter, Damien Tiernan shared a picture of the injured teenager saying that he has been transferred to Cork University Hospital:

One of the victims of the acid/chemical attack in Waterford has been transferred to hospital in Cork due to the extent of his injuries.

Tega Agberhiere from Ballygunner was brought to Cork University Hospital this morning after spending four days in hospital in Waterford. pic.twitter.com/gprXPpn1um

— Damien Tiernan (@damienwlr) April 30, 2019

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16-year-old Agberhiere is a talented soccer player who has played on the underage team for the Republic of Ireland and has trialed with Tottenham Hotspurs and Crystal Palace in the UK.

Agberhiere's mother told RTE’s Morning Ireland: "He got first degree burns on his face. I'm angry, I'm not happy about the whole thing because it shouldn't have happened to anybody.”

"It has affected the whole community. It's really shocking, I'm in shock. I'm still in shock. Even an adult, emotionally, you would be damaged.”

"As a mother, I have to lift his spirit and make him positive."

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Also injured in the attack was Waterford underage hurler Padraig Sullivan, who will need skin grafts on his legs.

The damage done to Padraig Sullivan from the acid attack in Waterford; he more than likely (as with the two others) will need skin grafts. Padraig is a great hurler and has played for Waterford at many underage grades. The chemicals as you can see burned through his tracksuit. pic.twitter.com/nKRlTKyzwY

— Damien Tiernan (@damienwlr) April 29, 2019

“It was kind of like someone just had a lighter constantly on my leg, it was just constantly burning and burning,” Sullivan told RTE News at One.

The Irish Times reports that a third boy in the group sustained back injuries.

Responding to the incident, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said: "I am really horrified to hear about the acid attack. It's the kind of thing you hear about in other countries. I don't recall it happening any time in Ireland any time recently.”

"But you really have to wonder to what kind of poison exists in the mind of somebody who would throw acid on another person, somebody who would try to disfigure somebody. It's terrifying, quite frankly. The people who are responsible will face the full rigours of the law.”