Australia wants the Irish to work – in their thousands according to a regional government Minister at a Dublin employment conference.

Families queued in the rain to attend the Working Abroad Expo at the RDS where experts offered key advice on work prospects for those ready to emigrate.

Rob Knight, Northern Territory Minister for Business and Employment, told those present that Australia has tens of thousands of jobs to fill and said his region alone desperately needs skilled workers for the construction, mining and services industry.

Knight, who confirmed that unemployment in the Northern Territory was at around 4%, openly invited Irish jobseekers to consider his region of Australia.

“We need people with skills and we need them fast,” said the Minister at the event that also attracted prospective employers from Canada and New Zealand.

One recruitment company attended the event with the sole intention of recruiting 500 construction workers for vacancies in Western Australia.

A spokesman for Osborne Recruitment said it had experienced a ‘surge in demand’ from the region, which is experiencing a mining and mineral boom.


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Australia seeks to hire 150,000 of Ireland's unemployed says minister

Estimates say the region will need 150,000 extra workers by 2017.

Brendan Murphy, CEO of Osborne Recruitment, said “Emigration is now a possibility for families as well as younger single people.

“It can be a great opportunity for single people and families alike. Many of our clients pay for the relocation of full families supplying them with accommodation and support in finding good schools for employee’s children.

“Irish workers are greatly in demand in Australia, as our education system has traditionally been recognized as very strong.

“Our clients are seeking Irish employees in particular as they have found them to be reliable and hard workers. Irish productivity rates are among the highest in the OECD and in Europe for many years.

“Our clients also find that Irish workers integrate well into the workplace, socially and culturally.”