Employers in Western Australia are on the lookout for more than 2000 skilled Irish hospitality workers under the age of 30.

According to The Australian, The Australian Hotels Association estimates that there are nearly 1,500 unfilled positions for skilled hospitality workers on any given day in Western Australia and claims that a high number of workers are needed because of a fast turnover and new hotels being built in Perth.

Next month, state branch representatives will travel to Ireland looking to recruit young waiters, chefs, receptionists, managers, and housekeeping attendants.

While 30,000 Irish backpackers travel to Australia on working holidays every year, only 7 percent travel to Western Australia.

Bradley Woods, the association's chief executive, says they hope to persuade those considering a working holiday on the east coast of Australia to go west. The organization will present free seminars in Dublin on Oct 2 and 3 called 'Travel and Work Western Australia.'

"People will get information on Western Australia, find out how much they will get paid, and meet pub and bar owners, hoteliers and managers from hospitality businesses," Mr Woods said.

A video featuring Irish workers employed at West Australian pubs and hotels capitalizes on the warm climate and a booklet for worker explains the basics, including Australian slang.

It explains that in Australia, "thongs" are footwear, not underwear, and that the word "bogan" is "a person who takes little pride in their appearance" and "spends his days slacking and drinking beer."

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