SEE PHOTOS – Snow returns to Ireland

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Ireland is being hit by snow, ice and sleet once more as the roads turn to “sheets of ice” in the coming days. Ireland is facing into its third snow fall in less than a month as temperatures drop to -7.9C (18F) in County Monaghan.

On Friday, a band of rain and snow moved northwards across the areas of Munster, Leinster and east Ulster. Temperatures were from 0C(32F) to 3C(37F) with a biting northeasterly wind and significant wind chill.

With temperatures expected to fall to -4C (25F) this weather could bring serious problems on Ireland’s roads. Forecasters told the Herald “even where there has just been sleet or rain, it's likely to freeze hard.”

Vincent O’Shea, from Met Eireann, Ireland’s Meteorological Services, said “Roads will be very hazardous on Friday into Saturday. There will be dangerous sheets of ice out there."

Conor Faughnan from the AA spoke to the Independent. He said “The concern is that the roads may not appear as bad as before when, in fact, there will be ice on the surface, making it desperately dangerous…The sun might be on the road and it might look good, but there could be ice in a shady spot.

"The golden rule is -- slow down and stay well away from the car in front. Speed will make any accident much worse."

Thankfully this cold snap is expected to only last for two days.

Meanwhile water restrictions are still in place around the country as County Councils attempt to fix burst and leaking water pipes. These restrictions will continue in the greater Dublin area until another 100 million liters of water are added to the reservoirs.

Water restrictions in Cork city, Kerry, Limerick city and county, Galway city, Leitrim, Mayo and Donegal have been lifted entirely.