Fianna Fail appear to have come back from the political dead and they are now Ireland’s second biggest party according to a new Irish Times poll.

The party left office in disgrace two years ago and their numbers slumped but the new poll shows them at 21 per cent, up four points from the last poll.

Sinn Fein come in right behind them on 20 per cent but the Labour Party vote is at just 12 per cent.

Still well ahead is Fine Gael with 31 per cent but satisfaction with the Fine Gael/Labour government is down by six points.

Enda Kenny, current Prime Minister, is the most popular political leader, while Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams comes in second.

A massive 14 per cent of the population stated they would vote for independent candidates in the next election in at least two years time.

Fianna Fail has made their comeback as anger about the austerity measures of the current government continues. It remains to be seen if they can maintain their high level of support.