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A scientist from County Cork has invented a new bio-fuel made from Scotch which can be used instead of traditional petrol in cars.

Professor Martin Tangney from Macroom in Cork, is the man behind the new ground breaking fuel which key ingredients include whisky by products.
The new bio-fuel which could be available at petrol pumps in the near future offers consumers greater power than other conventional motor fuels.
Professor Tangney is the Director of the Biofuel Research Centre at Edinburgh Napier University is leading the ground-breaking research which is part of a project aimed at developing a biobutonal, the next generation of biofuel which gives 30 percent more output power than ethanol.

The two year long project used whiskey as its main ingredient because Scotch Malt distillation is one of the biggest industries in Scotland.

Speaking about his research Professor Tangney said "This is a more environmentally sustainable option and potentially offers new revenue on the back of one Scotland’s biggest industries. We’ve worked with some of the country’s leading whisky producers to develop the process.”
The University is planning to create a company which will market the new fuel in a bid to make it available at petrol pumps.

Read more - Top 10 surprising Irish inventions

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