The British High Court has ruled that infamous serial killer Peter Sutcliffe will never be released from prison.

The Yorkshire Ripper has served 29 of his 30-year sentence but the courts believe that he remains a menace to society and he will live out his life behind bars.

Last year Peter Sutcliffe changed his name to Peter Coonan to show off his Tipperary roots. In fact during the investigation into the savage murders of 13 women in Yorkshire many Irish men were arrested.

It took fives years for police to finally catch the Yorkshire Ripper. No one felt save in the Greater Manchester and Yorkshire area during that time. The police warned “Do not go out at night unless absolutely necessary and only if accompanied by a man you know.”

Women lived in fear. In an attempt to defy this atmosphere of fear women help candlelight protests to reclaim the night. 

Sutcliffe believed that he was receiving messages from God instructing him to kill prostitutes. In total he killed 13 women.

However, not all of them were sex workers. One was a 16-year-old shop assistant, Jayne MacDonald.

Some women were attacked by Sutcliffe but never recovered from the trauma. Theresa Sykes was left with permanent brain damage after being attacked. She is extremely pleased that he will die behind bars.

“It's never going to end with me so why it should end for him?,” she told the BBC.

“He has absolutely spoilt my life. Why should he get out and have a life. I haven't really had one.”

In 1981 Sutcliffe was finally arrested. Police had contacted him for a routine car check and were suspicious as his car had false registration plates.

He had been questioned during the previously during the investigation but they had no evidence. The police described him as a quiet married man who worked as a truck driver. He admitted to being the Yorkshire Ripper.

Sutcliffe will now spend the rest of his natural life a Broadmoor high-security psychiatric hospital.