If naturists can bear the unpredictable Irish summer weather, then they can bare all at some world-rated nudist beaches, as two of Hotels.com top ten nudist beaches in the world can be found in Ireland!

Hawk Cliff in Dalkey and the appropriately-named Inch Beach in Kerry are holding their own against heavy hitters in Spain, Florida and Greece.

Hotels.com put the list together after gathering data from naturist societies and organization all around Europe and compiling information from over 15 public relations companies that work for the site.

For Ireland to have two on the list is quite a compliment to the high standard of well-maintainted beaches and the open-mindedness of the locals in the area.

If you decide to let it all hang out at Hawk Cliff in Dalkey (just outside Dublin), the likes of Bono, Enya and other famous residents might get a eyeful of your wares if they are out on a stroll. 

The beach offers “optional clothing to swimmers” and is very accessible to the city, so those of you visiting Dublin this summer don’t have to pack the swimming trunks!

In Kerry, also known as “the Kingdom,” emperors and empresses can strut around with no clothes at the Inch Beach in Dingle.

The beach, as Hotels.com describes it, is “more than two miles long, backed by high sand dunes offering a beautiful secluded area for naturists.”

The recommendation does come with a warning that surfers also frequent the beach, so prudence is advised when choosing the right time to get the full body tan.

For more information on where to go and what to do for naturists visiting Ireland, visit www.irishnaturism.org