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Long gone are the old-fashioned scarecrows of two crossing sticks and an old tee shirt. The second annual All-Ireland Scarecrow Championship will be taking place at the Howya Festival of Friendship in Durrow, showcasing Ireland’s most original scarecrow designs.

The festival is a week long, beginning on Sunday, July 24th. More than a hundred scarecrows will be patiently waiting on each street corner in Durrow, and “people can go back in time with the old trades demonstrations in the specially built Scarecrow Village,” according to the Leinster Express.



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Aside from the scarecrow competition, the festival will also feature jarvie tours of the Scarecrow Trail, a treasure hunt, pupped shows, fairs, and local produce selling throughout the week.

For those who want to brush up on their scarecrow-making skills, Durrow has been holding free scarecrow-making workshops. Participants need only bring a scarecrow idea, a needle and thread, and old pair of tights, and something they can stuff the scarecrow with.

Past entries in the competition have included an Elvis Presley, Michael Healy-Rae, and Where’s Waldo. This year’s winner will be announced on Sunday, July 31st.

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Click here for the All-Ireland Scarecrow Championships photo gallery

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