When the leader of the free world visits Ireland on Monday he won't be traveling light.

President Barack Obama and the First Lady will travel in armored limousines and helicopters and will be trailed at all times by hundreds of US secret service staff and a dedicated six-doctor medical team.

White House kitchen staff will prepare the presidents meals while his 500 strong security staff check for weapons, bugs and even bacteria that could be used to attack the president.

Obama will travel into Dublin city center in a reinforced limousine that withstand a rocket-propelled grenade.

The limousine will be accompanied at all times by a security barrier that includes dozens of support cars, Irish police cars, ambulances and fire engines.

In the event of an attack, there is also a White House medical unit to provide specialized emergency care. The handpicked team includes surgeons, nurses and medical personnel and it carries supplies of blood of the type AB, Obama’s blood group.

But the ordinary Irish citizen will have little time to marvel at all the security precautions, because before they see him he will be swept off again by ever-vigilant handlers.

President Barack Obama with his security teamAssociated Press