Many Irish immigrants arriving in the United States find themselves taking up the once traditional role of the Irish immigrant -- the nanny. Although it is a rewarding job, many find their time wasted, that they are underpaid and that family issues make their positions impossible.

The site published an article listing the main reasons that Irish nannies quit their posts, and they should know. The agency has been “referring qualified nannies to parents in Manhattan, Lower Westchester and Fairfield” since 1988.

Here’s the rundown of the top reasons Irish nannies give for quitting their jobs:

1. Abuse of time
– Though nannies are normally hired for approximately 10 hours a day, many nannies say the parents they worked for would stroll in anything from 30-60 minutes late, without any apologies or mention of overtime.

2. Remit – While the nannies were hired to fulfill certain roles in the household, duties would get piled on until their job is unrecognizable. Some reported that they ended up cooking the whole family’s meals and doing their laundry.

3. Money - Some reported that although a salary was initially agreed upon there ended up being different expectations about overtime, raises, and bonuses. Also if another child comes into the family.

However, unfortunately there are no set salaries in the field but it seems that $15 to $20 per hour, take-home, is common in New York. While annual bonuses are separate.

4. Extras - The nannies end up dipping into their own pockets for snacks and errands and are not reimbursed.

5. No Respect - Many nannies feel they are treated badly. They feel ignored and looked down upon. This can manifest itself when the parents contradict the nannies.

6. Mothers – Some nannies complain that the mother in the family micro-manages their every move when they are in the home. They equate it to your boss sitting in your cubicle with you.

7. No recognition – Despite the massive responsibility, many feel that they receive no acknowledgment for their contribution. They feel unappreciated by the parents.

8. Tension – It is difficult to work in other people’s homes especially if there is tension between the spouses. Although some nannies want to stay to help the children cope with the situation, many find the situation too toxic.