Prosecutors in the case of the New York City police officer Gilberto Valle, accused of planning to kidnap, cook and eat women, found his online plans to lure a woman fitting his wife, Kathleen Mangan’s, description to India, to be eaten by his chatroom buddy, Khan.

The newly released court documents include quotes from Valle’s online conversation. However Valle’s defense claims that these plans were nothing more than fantasies. 

In the online chat room he said, “I can talk my girlfriend into going to India for a trip and then we will meet up,” according to the New York Daily News

His “girlfriend” is described as being 25, 5ft 7 inches and 140 pounds, which fits Mangan’s appearance. 

Khan promise to kill her as humanely as possible. He said, “It’s alright, you don’t have to worry about humane.”

Valle mentions that Mangan is a vegetarian to which one of the online cannibals said, “Okay, then her meat quality will be slightly less.”

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Also found on the computer were hundreds of images and videos. Although Valle’s defense team claim the evidence they have found only proves he has fantasies, the Prosecution does not believe this is the case. 

Prosecutors say the pictures help prove that Valle was serious about acting out his fantasies.

They argue “there is a tremendous difference between an individual whose co-conspirators are sending him disturbing videos of a goat's neck being slit and one whose co-conspirators are not.”

Mangan has taken the couple's infant daughter and fled to Reno, Nevada, where her parents live.

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