Irish prospectors have discovered a pot of gold – and they didn’t even require the help of a leprechaun to find it.

Conroy Diamonds and Gold has confirmed that they uncovered a gigantic untapped gold mine in Northern Ireland.

The exploration company believes the mine, located at Clay Lake in south Armagh, could be the largest of its kind in Ireland and Britain, and could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Tests were performed on four samples from the mine by the company today in order to confirm the existence of gold in the bedrock. The firm immediately reported their positive findings to the London Stock Exchange, and as a result, share prices in the company soared.

Professor Richard Conroy, the company’s chairman and a former Irish senator, stated: “Overall, this confirms and enhances our long-held belief of the huge potential of this area.”

The prospectors were led to the valuable site by a local farmer who discovered a large gold nugget near Clay Lake in the 1980s. The nugget now lies in Ireland’s Ulster Museum.

The group plans to continue its gold explorations and will soon begin mining across the border in County Monaghan, seven kilometers (4.3 miles) from the south Armagh mine site.