Over half of Irish adults are guilty of sending text messages to an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend when they were drunk on a night out a new study has shown.

The new poll which was published by the Irish alcohol awareness site DrinkAware.ie said that they majority of people had sent drunken text messages to ex lovers in the early hours of the morning. The messages usually included either confessions of undying love or something slightly more harsh!

“The fact is that if you expect to react in a certain way to a certain alcoholic drink, you will, even though all alcohol is pretty much the same,” the survey said. “Whether it’s beer, wine or spirits, it is really just ethanol with some flavourings.”

The research also showed that the majority of respondents had kissed someones else on a Halloween night out in a case of mistaken identity for their partner.

The survey was conducted on Pigsback.com to promote the idea of a “Horror Free Halloween”

Commenting on the results DrinkAware.ie chief executive Fionnuala Sheehan said people are still confused when it comes to mixing drinks.

“There is still a lot of confusion over the effects of alcohol on the body with many using alcohol as an excuse for their Halloween horrors. For too long, myths around alcohol have supported, and in some instances encouraged, irresponsible drinking and behaviour in Ireland.

“This survey reminds us of the need to challenge these myths and continue to educate people about the dangers of excessive drinking”.

The research also found that woman were unable to “handle their drink” as well as men.

Beer goggles still play a role in nights on the town with 75% of respondents admitting they woke up beside someone remarkedly less attractive than they appeared the night before.