People I'm sick and tired of…

1. 9/11 conspiracy theorists. Charlie Sheen and Jim Corr from The Corrs who both insist 9/11 was a government plot and the buildings were really blown up from the inside. Charlie needs to get back to the hookers and Jim to the band where he's the dumbest drummer in the land.

2. Muttonhead Republicans. Those who claimed Obama was going to brainwash school kids about a socialist paradise when he spoke to them this week. Instead the president told kids to knuckle down, study and help one another – now that's socialism?

3. Bankers as wankers. The New York Times reported on Sunday that investment bankers, fresh from ruining the economy, are now snapping up life insurance policies and packaging and selling them, hoping that people die before the insurance runs out. Great Americans, all.

4.Wimpy Democrats who turn away and hide as soon as Republicans talk dirty politics. Obama, I'm looking at you – man up!

5. The Kennedy family for not fixing on a successor to Ted. Surely someone could have run. Instead, now, we are going to get some awful mediocrity.

People I still like...

1. Jean Kennedy Smith. The last of the older Kennedys, a lonely but brave figure. She walks in history now.

2.Maureen Dowd. Still gets Obama better than anyone I know, and the greatest political writer of her time.

3.Joe Biden. Because he doesn't look like the crappy job he has is getting to him – yet. Still a smile and a handshake for everyone.

4. John McCain. For telling Congressman Charlie Wilson he was wrong to shout at the president and making no bones about it.

5. Muhammad Ali. For going back to Clare and thrilling the locals who badly needed a lift.