An Irish woman inadvertently discovered the truth about her future husband’s night of debauchery, after she took to Facebook to complain about the hotel service he received during his bachelor party.

After her fiancé returned from his stag party at Treacy’s Hotel Waterford, future wife ‘Celina’ took to the hotel’s Facebook page to complain about the group’s booking deposit being withheld.

She posted the following complaint to the hotel’s Facebook page which has over 5,000 fans: "My partner of 10 yrs had his stag do in waterford last nite at dis hotel 17 men went dwn 1,120€ which was paid b4 arrival...wen d arrived ystrdy dis hotel asked dem 2 pay anoda 50e 4 a overnite deposit which d were guarnteed 2 gt bk nxt morn...d didnt gt netin dat was ment to b include in dere finger food no round of shots no breakfast no deposit bk i think dis hotel was trying to earn some easy cash ,im going ta go on evry radio station nd get all dem boys to gv dere comment nd let evry tourist i know from my job all about dis sceeming hotel ...700€ is alot of money 2day smalls claim court i think...."

The hotel posted the following response to the accusations on their page: "I would not like to disgrace people on the internet so if you could so kindly send me your phone number in a private email I will let you know the facts of the night," wrote a poster from Treacys. "Then I am sure you will remove these comments".

Later, after seemingly no response from “Celina” the hotel decided to clear their name on Facebook and disclose the true reasons why no deposits were returned to the group.

The events of the night included a “lady” being brought back to their hotel room, the group setting off a smoke alarm at 1:00am, noise complaints from other customers at 6:30 am and an incident whereby a "member of the party jumped the reception counter to physically hurt a member of staff."

The hotel added: "We have footage of all the night's events."

Here is a screen grab of the interaction which has since been deleted from the hotel’s Facebook wall.

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