Hi this is Pebbles Boyle, updating my new blog.

My mistress Susan is doing very well thank you. It was almost a cat-astrophe when she became so famous so fast.

We were separated for weeks while she whooped it up in London. At first I though she was only 'kitten; when she told me she'd won some song contest or other. Turned out she didn't win but she won, if you know what I mean.

It was a purrfect storm over 100 million of you humans watched her on TV.

As for me, life goes on. yes I had that trip to London when Susan needed a friend.

Unfortunately "Puss in Boots" wasn't playing  in the West End so I was pretty much confined to Susan's lovely flat while she ran around with Simon and others recording songs.

That Simon is a cool cat. He has done wonders for Susan. She seems so happy when he is around and as I understand it he has left her 'feline' much better since he took over her career.

I read that she was 'catatonic' for a while  so great was the pressure (yes cats can read)  but I never saw her like that.

My mistress is gentle and kind and when we are alone she loves to scratch my ears and chat to me.

She discusses everything, her rags-to-riches rise, her joy at finally making it on the world stage and how surprised everyone is  that she finally made even even though she knew it would happen someday.

You gotta dream she says and then it comes true.

Me I'm thinking of getting into the recording business too - with an animal twist if you know what I mean.

Here are five likely songs for my first album. Produced by Simon Cow-ell of course!

'Hog Great Thou Art
Ain't Nothing but a Hound dog
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Chirpy Chirpy Sheep Sheep
Bird on a Wire

Cat-ch you later,