Read more: Mayor Bloomberg apologizes for drunken Irish comments - SEE VIDEOS & POLL

“Bloomberg, You’re a Drunk” read the sign held aloft during the New York St.Patrick’s Day parade yesterday and it reflected a sense of anger from many Irish Americans still smarting over the mayor’s bad Irish joke last month.

That joke, reported exclusively on at the time was about Irish hanging out the windows drunk at the American Irish Historical Society.

Bloomberg said he was used to seeing a “bunch of people totally inebriated hanging out the window, waving," at the venue. on St.Patrick’s Day. He later apologized

A poll taken for the New York Daily News yesterday revealed that 47 per cent of New Yorkers, mainly women and blacks felt the Irish should be offended while 45 per cent, mainly whites and men believed  they should not.

Bloomberg went back to the scene of the crime yesterday visiting the American Irish Historical Society where he was greeted by President General Doctor Kevin Cahill.

One person there described his reception as cool. A request to speak was turned down by the society.
The joke was clearly on Bloomberg’s mind from early on St.Patrick’s Day. Speaking at the annual breakfast at Gracie Mansion he joked that he hoped his speech would go better than the one at the Historical Society.

“Frank,” he said calling out to his speechwriter, Frank Barry. “I hope this speech goes better than the one you wrote for me at the Irish Historical Society. I mean really, what were you thinking?”

Despite boos on the parade route and a new opinion poll from Quinnipiac University showing his popularity slumping to just 39 per cent approval the mayor remained upbeat.

“This is a day to celebrate, and a day to celebrate all the cultures that are here, and I’m just thrilled to be invited,” he told reporters.

Read more: Mayor Bloomberg apologizes for drunken Irish comments - SEE VIDEOS & POLL