The heartbreaking final hours of teenager Phoebe Prince's life are slowly being revealed through court documents.

On what would be her final afternoon, the 15-year-old Irish student sent frantic text messages to a school friend saying she was distraught over the bullying.

Her last text was sent at 2.48 p.m. on January 14. She also received another two messages which she never opened.

Two hours later she was dead.

She had hanged herself in her family's apartment with the scarf her sister had given her for Christmas.

The day before she died, Phoebe had confided in a friend that school was intolerable.

She said the teenagers who were tormenting her were making her life a misery.

The friends have told investigators that Phoebe was concerned for her safety.

They said Phoebe had confide that she was "not a tough girl" and "would not know how to fight."

She was so scared of the teens that she asked friends to surround her for protection when she walked between classes.

The case is also revealing the nightmare side of American high school.

Phoebe, who only started in South Hadley High School on September 1, was picked on by the gang after she briefly dated the two seniors who have been charged in the case.

She dated Sean Mulveyhill, 17, for a spell but in December they broke up and he went back to former girlfriend Kayla Narey, 17.

Ashley Longe, 16, was close friends with Mulveyhill and also was friendly with Narey.

In December, Phoebe then dated Austin Renaud, 18, who was also involved with Flannery Mullins, 16. Mullins and Sharon Chanon Velazquez, 16, were also friends.

Phoebe's friends say the girls initially ganged up on her because they claimed Phoebe was "taking away" other girls' boyfriends.

Now, Longe, Mullins and Velazquez have been charged as juveniles with felonies including violation of civil rights.

Two also have been charged with stalking.

Mulveyhill, Narey, and Renaud have been charged as adults.

The two male students are charged with statutory rape.

Phoebe Prince's case helps to save lives