Read more - Irishman named among worst slumlords in New York

A distressed mother of two in The Bronx has revealed the appalling living conditions she is being forced to live in in one of the buildings owned by Irish landlord Shawn Curry.

Curry , 43, a Cavan native, was named this week as one of the worst slumlords in New York by the Public Advocate Bill De Blassio. He claims he buys buildings in bad shape and then renovates them.

However, his tenants disagree. Luz Castro,31, pays $1000 a month to live in a one bedroom apartment at Lorillard Place in the Bronx with her husband and two young children. Their apartment block was listed on the New York’s Worst Landlords Watch list with hundreds of violations.

Eye witness reports exposed a stench of decaying garbage, beer bottled and an infestation of  rats and cockroaches in the Lorillard Place apartment building.

Speaking to the Irish Independent Mrs. Castro said she was very concerned about her children’s health. "We have all had breathing problems, it is horrible," she said. "There are rats and cockroaches in the apartment. We complain but nothing is ever done."

Earlier this week buildings owned by Shawn Curry where named as the second and fourth worst in the list published by New York Public Advocate Bill De Blasio.

MCurry with an address at Bainbridge Avenue in New York clocked up a total of 1048 violations for his numerous apartment buildings.

Speaking about the results public advocate Bill de Blasio said, "The city's worst landlords can no longer hide from responsibility while their buildings fall into dangerous disrepair".

Read more - Irishman named among worst slumlords in New York

Another slum: John Antolik, 32, at his apartment at Bryant Ave, Bronx