Ireland’s Justice Minister has to tighten gun laws after a teenage girl died when she was shot in the head in Tallaght. The 16-year-old was sitting in a car in the west Dublin town when she was shot.

A gunman shot the girl from a passing car in a murder which police believe is linked to a feud within the travelling community.

Local police have recovered the getaway car and are awaiting the results of a post-mortem at the nearby Tallaght hospital.

“Even senior officers have been shocked by the brutality of this murder of a 16-year-old girl,” said local politician Charlie O’Connor of Fianna Fail.

“People are struggling to come to terms with the fact that a gunman can shoot a teenage girl dead in such a horrific way.”

Justice Minister Alan Shatter has condemned the shooting.


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“Our sympathies are with the girl’s family after such a revolting crime,” said Minister Shatter.

“Unfortunately we are now witnessing too many murders of this sort in Ireland now.

“We also have too many people with access to guns and access to weapons is too easy. It is something we are reviewing and we will change.”

The girl, just weeks away from her 17th birthday, was one of four people in a silver-coloured Nissan Almera which had pulled into the Brookview estate.

She died when a black Hyundai Santa Fe SUV pulled up alongside her vehicle. At least one shot was fired into the car, shattering the side window.

The girl was hit in the head and died in hospital at around 1am.

Police believe that the shooting is linked to an incident involving a pipe bomb in the Tallaght area last week and is connected to a feud involving Traveller families.

The scene of the shooting in Tallaght, Dublin where a 16-year-old girl was killedNiall Carson/PA