The Pakistani-born teen who helped Jihad Jane plan and recruit an Irish terror cell has pleaded guilty to all charges in America.

Mohammad Hassan Khalid, then a 17-year-old student, was arrested by the FBI in America last year.

He now faces 15 year imprisonment for aiding Colleen LaRose, the US woman who called herself Jihad Jane.

Khalid has pleased guilty to conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists via Jihad Jane.

She planned to support an Irish terror cell planning to wage a Muslim holy war in Europe. The teenager met Colleen LaRose via an Internet chat room when he was just 15.

LaRose faces life in prison after admitting in 2011 that she had plotted to kill a Swedish artist whose cartoon had offended Muslims.

She was arrested in November 2009 after returning to the US from Ireland. Authorities said she had traveled there after agreeing to marry a contact and become a martyr.

Colleen LaRose aka 'Jihad Jane'Getty