With Joseph P. Kennedy III making a bid for Congress, it appears another member of the Irish American political dynasty may throw his hat into the ring and join the family business.

According to the Boston Herald
, Edward M. Kennedy Jr., the eldest son of the late Massachusetts senator Ted Kennedy, is reportedly consulting Washington political veterans and giving indications he is seriously considering a run for office.

Kennedy, 50, was reportedly in discussion with longtime Democratic strategist Steve McMahon to help him coordinate media interviews at the party convention in Charlotte.

'He’s aware his father always wanted him to serve,' a Democratic source told the Herald.

Kennedy lives in Connecticut with his wife, Kiki, and two teenage children and runs a successful New York-based health care services business. But observers say he may be considering a political run in the neighboring state of Massachusetts, where his family name has major pull with voters.

In an interview with the Herald at the Democratic convention, Ted Jr. added to the speculation about his political ambitions by saying: 'Hopefully one day I’ll have the honor to serve.'

If he does decide to run the question is whether he will stay in Connecticut or move to Massachusetts, where a wide-open governor’s race in 2014 beckons, as well as a possible US Senate seat if President Obama wins re-election and names Democratic incumbent John Kerry as new his secretary of state.

Meanwhile Massachusetts state Democrats have embraced Joseph P. Kennedy III, son of former U.S. Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy II, in his bid for Congress. Kennedy won his primary handily and faces Republican Sean Bielat in November.

Although Ted Kennedy Jr. has 'no plans' to leave Connecticut and move to Massachusetts right now behind the scenes he is already being strongly encouraged to run for office there.


Edward M. Kennedy, Jr.