Senator Edward Kennedy was featured on a remarkable documentary on HBO this week entitled “Teddy In His Own Words,” which is well worth watching either in repeat or on HBO Rewind.

There is some extraordinary footage of the Kennedy family, especially in the early days with young Ted pictured and filmed with his aging parents. 

The entire sweep of Kennedy’s life is remarkable, from growing up in the 1930s to his extraordinary political career and personal scandals which bedeviled him.

The portrait that comes across is true to the actual man. Kennedy is at heart a very sentimental Irishman who loved women and booze far too much, but created one of the greatest legacies in history in the Senate.

The documentary is also replete with Irish images, Kennedy being hugged and kissed at St. Patrick’s Day parades, being booed and hissed by Irish parents in South Boston over busing, escorting his niece Caroline to her wedding day with her shamrock bedecked wedding dress.

Well worth a look if you have the opportunity.