The mother of Ronan Sean Thompson, the little Irish American boy whose death from cancer inspired Taylor Swift to write a best-selling song in his memory, has told how amazing the reaction has been.

The song “Ronan” is a runaway hit and is now number one most downloaded on iTunes.

Writing in her blog “Rockstar Ronan” Maya Thompson, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and has two other children, Liam and Quinn, stated that people had said to her, “You are famous now.”

“I just replied with a simple, “No I’m not. I’m just a sad mom who lost her son and who would do anything to have him back.

“I almost threw up at that famous word. Famous because my son died and some beautiful girl wrote a song about him? No. Not famous.

“Just a mom who is in a very sad world now and someone very sweet decided to do something very beautiful because she has such a wonderful heart. I’m not sure quite what to do with all this attention.

I just want it to all go to the awareness that childhood cancer needs, deserves and wants.

 I want our story to inspire kids to become doctors, who will do everything they can, to change the awful statistics, outcomes and treatments of childhood cancer.”

Maya Thompson's 3-year-old son Ronan was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma in August 2010. Maya is now pregnant again.

Maya started a blog which was picked up and read by Taylor Swift.

Swift took the words that Maya had written and after Ronan died she wrote the song that made its debut at the Stand Up to Cancer 2012 telethon.

"Everyone is going to know his name," Thompson wrote.

"Ronan" shot up the charts reaching No. 1 on the iTunes sales chart on  Sunday.

The Ronan Thompson Foundation was created and has since been dedicated to finding a cure for neuroblastoma.

Thompson told AZCentral that since "Ronan" topped the charts, she's been pinching herself. "It's ... putting a face to childhood cancer that we didn't have before. Nobody wants to talk about childhood cancer. It's too sad. But the sad thing is there are 46 kids diagnosed a day and seven of those kids will die a day. It's sad that no one wants to pay attention to that. And I think now that she's taken this stand, it's just going to do incredible things for the awareness," she said.

The lyrics to the song are poignant and moving and based on Maya’s own blogs.
“I remember your bare feet down the hallway
I remember your little laugh
Race cars on the kitchen floor
Plastic dinosaurs, I love you to the moon and back

I remember your blue eyes looking into mine like we had our own secret club
I remember you dancing before bed time then jumping on me waking me up
I can still feel you hold my hand
Little man, from even that moment I knew
You fought it hard like an army guy
Remember I leaned in and whispered to you

Come on baby with me
We're gonna fly away from here
You were my best four years

I remember the drive home when the blind hope
Turned to crying and screaming, "Why?"
Flowers piled up in the worst way
No one knows what to say about a beautiful boy who died

And it's about to be Halloween
You could be anything you wanted if you were still here
I remember the last day when I kissed your face
I whispered in your ear

Come on baby with me
We're gonna fly away from here
Out of this curtained room and this hospital gray will just disappear
Come on baby with me
We're gonna fly away from here
You were my best four years

What if I'm standing in your closet trying to talk to you?
What if I kept the hand me downs you won't grow into?
And what if I really thought some miracle would see us through?
But what if the miracle was even getting one moment with you

Come on baby with me
We're gonna fly away from here
Come on baby with me
We're gonna fly away from here
You were my best four years

I remember your bare feet down the hallway
I love you to the moon and back.

Here's Taylor Swift singing "Ronan" live:

Here's Ronan's Mom Maya Thompson's reaction to Taylor Swift's song on EBW NBC news: