The 21-year-old accused of trying to kill a Muslim cab driver in Midtown, Manhattan revealed his true mental state while in police custody claiming one minute that he was being persecuted because he is Irish Catholic and then claiming that he was Jewish.

The details of Michael Enright's time in police custody were heard on Wednesday in the State Supreme court during his arraignment. His jumbled rant and statements were all recorded in documents filed by the prosecutor.

Enright faces charges of second-degree attempted murder as a hate crime and first degree assault as a hate crime. It is alleged that Enright got in to Ahmed H. Sharif's cab on August 24, at 43rd Street. He said that the driver attacked him and he was only protecting himself.

He slashed the driver's throat which required 15 stitches.

The prosecutor's version of events is that Enright and Sharif were making small talk about Ramadan. Enright asked him if he was Muslim and then said "This is the checkpoint…I have to bring you down,” before attacking with a knife.

Enright has recently returned from Afghanistan was embedded with a military unit working on a documentary for his studies at the School of Visual Arts.

The police who arrested him, brought him into custody and transferred him to Bellevue Hospital recorded everything that he said. It was reiterated in court on Wednesday.

He spoke to the police when he was first apprehended. He said "I was in the military…I have to go home and see my mother. A friend of mine who works for the M.T.A. is going to help me out. My aunt is dying. You’re persecuting me because I am Irish Catholic.”
While in the police car about 90 minutes after the attack he said "What ya going to do? Beat me up?”

He continued “You are a stupid broad….You allow them to blow up buildings in this country. Are you going to bang my head on the door?”

Later on, while being held at the 17th Precinct station he said "I’m Jewish…You are going to ruin the entire Jewish race by locking me up.”

He added “I drank a pint of Scotch starting at 2.”

While travelling in an ambulance he gave an Arabic greeting and then said "Do you like salami and bacon?” He also said to the officer who travelled with him “Have you ever left the country? You are a coward. You weren’t over there.”

On arriving at Bellevue Hospital Center he said "I am a patriot and I want representation.”

He has remained in Bellevue and as yet has not been medically cleared by the facility. Judge Richard Carruthers has said that one he is cleared by the medical professionals he will be granted bail.