I am new to the domestic goddess role, having lost my civil engineering job last June.

Inspired by my neighbor (made redundant last month) and in an effort to get my children to eat what is in their lunchbox I have decided to try and make 'Irish scones in a flash' following a video on YouTube.

The gales, and the public, have been whipping the canvassers over the last week. A little group of nervous politicians braved the school gate on Friday. One mum, twins strapped in the back of her people carrier bravely let down her window:

'Do you see her.... she lost her job, do you see him.... he lost his job, I lost my job, she lost her job… etc etc' she pointed out the economic casualties in the group of parents standing huddled in the wind, each one carrying the burden of a mortgage that can now probably not be met.

There is a lot of anger and mistrust out there. More than anger, people are furious, desperate and feel powerless, but we have to get past that and move on. After all we live in a democracy and are therefore responsible for our own destiny. We don't have to camp out in Eyre square and fight the Gardai to make changes.

The same highly talented, frustrated mum was on a 12 women committee with me to raise money, design and build a community crèche in the village. We were dismissed and obstructed at every turn but after 5 years of meeting each Monday evening (and bearing 23 children between us in the 5 years) the crèche, costing 1.4 million euro was built. Despite being told that it would never be financially viable the 100 places are full and there is a long waiting list.

That is the vision and perseverance that we are capable of generating.

This evening there is a live TV debate with the potential Taoisigh ('leaders'), but one of the three, Enda Kenny, the odds on favorite, has refused to attend citing prior engagements (hmmm.. waiting for the TV satellite guy perhaps?)  What happens if he had to debate Sarkozy on the corporation tax, (meeting his granny at the airport... thats always a good one...?) The frustration is palpable.

We have to rise up and make something out of this mess, the snowdrops (ultimate symbol of perseverance) are out and so are the scones.

Enda Kenny canvassing ahead of the General Election