It seems that long gone are the times of the chaste mass-going population of Ireland. A recent interview in the Irish online magazine,, showed that just one of Ireland's swingers clubs has over 70,000 members.
The online magazine had a frank discussion about their site, Swing4Ireland, their services and who exactly is using it.
"We’ve currently got 70,000 Irish accounts. A lot of these accounts are actually couples so there are maybe 80-90,000 in total," said the spokesperson. "We’ve been running for nearly four years and we’re now getting between 1,000 and 1,300 new accounts opening a week."

"Dublin is the number one place with 18,744 accounts. Antrim has 7,098 accounts and Cork has 5,684."

It may not be the oldest profession in the world but the spokesperson maintains that swinging has been around far longer than many would think. In recent years such activities have become more highlighted in the public consciousness because of the Internet and the multiple possibilities for people to connect online.

The spokesperson said "Swinging has been around for centuries. Before the creation of the internet it was just done in a different way. What the internet does is it allows people to connect with each other in Ireland. They are able to meet, swap images, see if they are attracted to each other, meet socially, make friends and organize events."

Also it not a closed a demographic as you might think. "There are all sorts of people who swing. That said, the typical demographic would be a 35-year-old with one or two children…Single males would be the largest category followed by couples and then single females."

They added "I think it [swinging] has become more noticeable with sites like swing4Ireland cropping up and it's made it more accessible to people who have always wanted to get involved. Now it seems to be growing at a considerable rate."