Convicted rapist Larry Murphy is roaming the streets of Amsterdam's Red Light District according to Irish locals.

The Wicklow man was released from Arbour Hill prison last August after spending ten-and-a-half years in jail for the abduction, repeated rape and attempted murder of a Carlow businesswoman in 2000.

While in prison, Murphy was questioned about the disappearance of several women in the Leinster area in the 1990's including New York born Annie McCarrick.

Now according to the News of the World, the father of two is living in Amsterdam and frequently Irish bars in the lively Warmoestraat area.

Bartenders in the Hoopman Cafe and Bar told the newspaper that Murphy has become a regular.

“I didn’t know who he was at the time, but he drank here day and night. He would sit in the same seat, hunched over and staring straight ahead.

“He was quiet but the more he drank the more he would try to make conversation or make eye contact with the girls.

“He was a bit of an oddball, but he never did anything that would make you suspect that he was capable of murder.”

The blond Irish woman said that at first she suspected Murphy wasn't an English speaker, because he was so quiet. But when the bartender heard his familiar Irish accent she asked him why he was in Amsterdam.

“I remember this conversation because I asked him if he was over here looking for work and he replied 'No I'm here for different reasons'.

“At the time I thought it was strange answer but though little of it after that”.

In another conversation Murphy told the bartender he liked to smoke weed.

“He was strange, I knew there was something up with him.He always wore big woolly jumpers and jeans or corduroy trousers. He was scruffy and unshaven...he looked like he was on the verge of being homeless.”

Another bar employee said “He has everything he needs here. He told me he likes his drugs, he clearly likes his beer and hookers are legal. It's heaven for him”

Another female bar worker said she is now terrified at the prospect of walking around the city alone.

“Before we found out about Murphy being here the girls I live with and I, would walk home alone, but not now we're terrified of him lurking about. It send shivers down my spine.”

A Dutch police source confirmed to the newspaper that the Irishman was now residing in the Dutch capital.

“We can confirm that Larry Murphy is in Amsterdam but we cannot tell you much more than that”

“There is an interest in him from the police in Ireland and when we come across him again he'll be taken in and warned that we're keeping a very close eye on him,” the source added.