Sex beast Larry Murphy’s return to Ireland has been met with outrage as police monitor the man suspected of the murder and rape of Irish American Annie McCarrick.
Murphy is holed up in a Dublin bed and breakfast as he awaits delivery of a new passport before he can return to his hideaway in Spain.
The convicted rapist was released last August after serving 10 years of a 15-year sentence for a brutal attack on a woman in the Wicklow mountains.
The 46-year-old from Baltinglass in Wicklow kidnapped the woman in Carlow, repeatedly raped her and left her to die in the Dublin mountains.
He has been linked with the disappearance of several young women in the 1990s including New Yorker McCarrick who disappeared almost 18 years ago.
Annie went to college in Ireland and returned to work in the country. She was last seen leaving a Wicklow pub on her own.
During his 10 years in prison, Murphy was asked to help police with the disappearance of five women in the Wicklow area – including McCarrick - but refused.
Murphy has lived between Holland and Spain for the past eight months but was forced to return back to Ireland from Girona last week after his passport was robbed.
Police sources have claimed that Murphy will only remain in Ireland for as long as it takes to issue a new passport to facilitate his return to Spain.
Officers have insisted they are monitoring his movements at all times and he has agreed to co-operate with them.
Murphy’s family in Wicklow have disowned the notorious rapist.
“I want nothing to do with him. He can stay away from me,” his brother Thomas said.
“I don’t care if he is tanned and relaxed or how well he looks. I don’t want anything to do with him.
“I can’t begin to tell you the stress he has caused me and my family. I have absolutely no friends anymore and the attention has even started to affect my children’s lives.
“He has brought so much stress on my life. I don’t want to say anything to him, through the media or not.”

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