Since his release from jail a year ago, convicted rapist and suspected serial killer Larry Murphy has spent nearly all of his time in exile in continental Europe.

Murphy was the chief suspect in several other murders of young women, including Long Island girl Annie McCarrick who was working in Dublin in March 1993 when she disappeared without trace.

Murphy was released from jail on August 13, 2010 and fled from Ireland and the huge media frenzy three days later.


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Followed by journalists and photographers, the forty-six year old criminal first sought refuge in the Kevin Street Garda Station in Dublin before fleeing the country. He traveled first to the south of France and then on to Amsterdam. After he was discovered in Holland last November, he left for Spain.

Murphy based himself in Barcelona and worked as a carpenter mending boats and ships. With no post-release supervision order attached to his sentence and police had no clue to his whereabouts until May, when he had his passport stolen in Barcelona. Murphy had to return to Ireland for two weeks until a new passport could be provided. He is believed to have returned to Spain.

Since his release, he has never returned to his native Baltinglass, Co Wicklow and have family don't want anything to do with him.

Sources told the Evening Herald it is "hugely unlikely" Murphy will ever live in Ireland again, reports the Herald.