It is believed that threats from an ex-Provisional IRA member have prompted suspected serial killer, Larry Murphy, to move to Britain. upon his release from prison on Thursday.

However, this decision has not convinced locals in Wicklow that he will definitely leave the country.

Murphy was convicted of rape and served 10 years in jail. However, he is the chief suspect in the deaths of six women whose bodies have never been found. Among the missing is Irish American Annie McCarrick from Long Island who was living in Ireland when she disappeared in March 1996.

 A public meeting will be held in Wicklow on Thursday, the day  Murphy is released from prison. The convicted kidnapper and rapist will go free on Thursday having refused all psychiatric  treatment while in jail.

Local Sinn Fein member  Gerry O’Neill, said that the focus of the meeting will be to address the concerns of residents with relation to the release and also the amount of media attention the release has generated.

Sources have also told the Evening Herald that Murphy has been threatened by Republican elements. They have told him not to return to his home town under any circumstances.

A former Provisional IRA member has allegedly directly approached Murphy telling him that his only option is to go directly to England.

It is believed that it was these threats that prompted Murphy to recently apply for a new passport.