The main suspect in the murder of Irishman Tom Walsh has been found dead inside his home after a standoff with the SWAT.

The Hillborough County Sheriff in Florida, David Gee, said the police had not killed anyone in the house. James Seagraves (29) and Kayla Nemoto (20) were found dead in the bathroom of their home.

The standoff between the SWAT team and Seagraves was triggered after deputies attempted to serve Seagraves an arrest warrant.

Deland police believed Seagraves was linked to the murder of Irishman Tom Walsh (43). Walsh was shot dead at the Mainstreet Grill restaurant on 31st March this year. Seagraves was a former staff member at the restaurant.

Walsh had remained in Florida to stay close to his 12-year-old daughter, Kira. She watched the standoff unfold on TV.

Officials told Bay News 9 that SWAT team members broke out windows and rammed in the front door. Following hours of silence they entered the house.

Gee said, “After that, we got into this prolonged confrontation with him. We introduced chemical agents ... into the residence. And after failing to get any response from that, we did an entry into the residence." Tear gas was deployed.

The cause of the pair’s death will be released following a medical examiner’s autopsy.

Tom Walsh was shot at point blank range in a suspected robberyGoogle Images